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9474-08x12-3pk - 3M 9474LE 300LSE double-sided adhesive, 3-pack of sheets of Size 8" x 12"
3M 300LSE double-sided adhesive 8"x12", 10-pack

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Product Code: 9474-08X12-3PK

This listing is for THREE sheets of 3M 9474LE double-linered* and double-coated** adhesive transfer tape (or "double-sides adhesive," in layman's terms), which features 3M's super-strong 300LSE adhesive. The sheets are of size 8" x 12" (203 mm x 306 mm).

3M 300LSE adhesive bonds extremely well with metal, wood, plastics, (even Acrylic and other so-called "low surface energy" plastics that don't bond well with other glues), hard leather, suede, fabrics, rubber, and, beware, your fingers. As shown in the 2nd illustration, above, there are two adhesive layers, 2.8 mils and 3.4 mils thick, and between them is a thin polyester carrier 0.5 mils thick. With this design the product is suitable not only for smooth surfaces but also for lightly textured and/or lightly porous surfaces. The 3rd illustration above is a comparison chart published by 3M that shows how the 300LSE adhesive compares to other 3M double-sided adhesives with regard to adhesion to different materials. As is apparent from that comparison table 3M's 300LSE adhesive is the strongest and most versatile adhesive commercially available. For example, a very narrow sliver of 3M 300LSE adhesive is used to bond the screen of the iTouch 4th Gen iPod Touch to the body of the device. This adhesive is strong!

Included with purchase
  • THREE sheets of 3M 9474LE 300LSE double-sided adhesive of size 8" x 12" (204 mm x 306 mm).
  • One page choke-full of detailed instructions. We wrote this page specifically for this product and it aimed at less experienced users. Even if you could find this product elsewhere (and you won't), the instructions will help prevent you from ruining sheets and will reduce your learning curve from hours to the five minutes it takes to read the instructions.
Tolerances: Our sheets are cut by hand and their actual dimensions may differ by up to 1/8" (3 mm) from the nominal dimensions.

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Why 9474LE is the best 300LSE-based double-sided adhesive

3M 9474LE is hands-down 3M's best double-sided 300LSE adhesive, and here is why. Simpler versions of double-sided adhesive based on 300LSE (e.g., 3M's 8153LE) have one layer of 300LSE adhesive, sandwiched between two protective liners. The problem with all versions offered with this single-layer design is that when cutting these sheets with scissors or knifes, a small amount of the adhesive oozes out between the two liners and sticks to the sides of the liners, along the cut. Then, when trying to peel off a liner, that liner will stick to the opposite liner, making it impossible to separate the liners cleanly. In contrast, the sophisticated 9474LE product is constructed with three layers, as shown in the 2nd illustration, above. Here, an ultrathin, so-called "carrier" is sandwiched between two layers of 300LSE adhesive, thereby stabilizing the adhesive and preventing it from oozing out when being cut. As a result, the sheets of 3M 9474LE offered in this listing here can be cut with utility knifes or scissors and the liners will separate cleanly without sticking together. If you ever went through the frustrating experience of cutting single-layer versions of 300LSE-based double-sided adhesives, you will appreciate the value of the 9474LE product. We here at Soles2dance certainly appreciate the benefits of 3M 9474LE and we use this sophisticated product for our own fabrication needs, even though it is more expensive than simpler versions.

3M offers other double-coated** adhesive transfer tapes with the same 3-layer construction as that of 9474LE. However, in these other products the adhesive layers on each side the carrier are not the same. For example, 3M 9490LE uses 300MP adhesive on the faceside and 300LSE adhesive on the backside. This is good for specific applications in the auto industry, but most of our customers will prefer 300LSE on both sides, and the product offered here is the only such version available as sheets. Also, in small quantities of a few sheets and in small sizes (smaller than 24"x36"), this product is available only from us.


* "double-linered" means that the product is provided with liners (protective foils) on the front and back. This is different from products fabricated in the form of rolls: those have only one liner and are thus not suitable for marketing in sheet-format.

** "double-coated" means that there are two layers of adhesive, stabilized by a thin polyester carrier between them. The adhesive layers on both sides of the carrier adhere very strongly to that polyester carrier, giving the combination of adhesive-carrier-adhesive the characteristics of a single solid but flexible layer. Without the carrier, a single layer of adhesive has the characteristics of a very viscous fluid, somewhat similar to those of honey.

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5 of 5 300L SE by 3M May 22, 2020
Reviewer: Michel Mayer from MONTREAL, QC Canada  
excellent product since it is from 3M.

The reseller are very good and efficient very well package arrive unfolded by the post services.

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5 of 5 Love your suede! March 30, 2019
Reviewer: Tawnya Walsh from Chilliwack, BC Canada  
Durable, long lasting suede! I love being able to turn any shoe into a dance shoe with your awesome suede! Great customer service & quick shipping - thanks!

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5 of 5 A++ Customer Services November 21, 2014
Reviewer: Peter Au from Austin, TX United States  
Bought double sided adhesive but didn't work with the application that I was using, and I returned for full refund with no question asked even I use part of the adhesive.  Will do business again once I find usefulness for my application.

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