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SUEDE-PRO Stick-on Suede Soles, configurable for regular or slippery dance floors
Suede soles for dancing, suede sole, dance soles

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SUEDE-PRO stick-on suede soles are designed to:
  • replace worn-out suede soles on existing dance shoes,
  • turn ordinary fitness shoes with rubber soles into dance shoes,
  • turn any other pair of shoes into dance shoes,
  • adapt shoes to dance floors that are too slippery
The unique feature of the SUEDE-PRO soles, compared to our other suede soles and, indeed, compared to any other suede-soled dance shoe in existence, is that SUEDE-PRO soles are configurable for two types of dance floors:
  1. Studio-quality wood floors, where conventional suede soles work well on
  2. Floors that are too slippery for conventional suede soles
It is well known that suede soles are ideal for dancing on well-maintained and clean wood dance floors. However, some floors are too slippery for conventional suede soles, putting the dancer at risk of slipping and falling. SUEDE-PRO soles can be configured to increase traction on such overly slippery floors. Moreover, through our patent-pending hybrid design, SUEDE-PRO soles not only increase traction and thus resistance to slipping, but they do so without significantly increasing resistance to pivoting or turning moves. To highlight this point further, consider one of the many homebrewn remedies for slippery floors: wetting the existing suede soles with water or oil. These remedies do indeed increase resistance to slipping, but they also increase resistance to pivoting, thus making pivoting stressful for the dancer's knees and joints. These remedies can also render the existing suede soles useless as they soak up the water or oil permanently.

How to configure SUEDE-PRO soles for dancing on overly slippery floors
Looking closely at the product photo above, one can see a circular perforation in the SUEDE-PRO soles. This perforation allows the user to easily cut out what we call the "suede disks," as those disks are held in place only by eight thin connectors that connect them to the main part of the sole. The connectors can be cut even if the soles have already been attached to the dance shoes. After cutting the eight thin connectors with a utility knife or box-cutter, the suede disks can be removed. Then, the included industrial-strength double-sided adhesive is attached to the rubber disks, and the rubber disks are stuck into the circular void previously occupied by the suede disks. The soles are now configured for dancing on overly slippery floors. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes and can be performed "in the field," if the need arises.

Users can switch back and forth between the suede disks and the rubber disks. However, after removing these disks once or twice, the self-adhesive backing of the disks will have become too weak to adhere well. In order to allow repeated removal and reattachment of these disks, we offer in the SUEDE SOLES ACCESSORIES section of our web store SUEDEPRO-3M reattachment disks. These are pairs of double-sided adhesive disks that can be used to reattach the suede or rubber disks as needed. In the same section we also offer spare suede disks (SUEDEPRO-SD) and rubber disks (SUEDEPRO-RD).

Other features of SUEDE-PRO soles
Compared to other add-on suede dance soles on the market, all our suede products have the advantage that they come with industrial-strength adhesive backing. Users only have to peel off the protective liner from the backing and stick the soles on. Our competitors' suede soles without adhesive backing require you to glue the soles on -- a messy and tricky procedure. You also have to buy that glue and learn how to apply it properly. None of that is necessary with our stick-on soles with industrial-strength adhesive backing.

Our suede soles are cut by a sophisticated, computer-controlled laser cutting machine that provides much greater precision than hand-cutting. As a result, we can show the exact dimensions of each sole on this product page, so you don't have to guess whether the soles will be large enough for your shoes. Laser cutting is also the only possible way of cutting the circular perforation into the soles.

Included in the SUEDE-PRO kit:
  • two sole patches
  • two heel patches
  • two suede disks (held in place within the sole patches via perforation)
  • two rubber disks
  • two double-sided adhesive disks to attach the rubber disks
  • instructions
Color of all components: Black
Dimensions: As shown in the illustration above
Thickness: Approx 3/64 inch (1.2 mm)

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 On New Balance men's cross trainers shoes February 3, 2015
Reviewer: Vinnie Mann from Huntington Beach, CA United States  
I use SUEDE-PRO Stick-on Suede Soles on my three (3) pairs of New Balance men's cross trainers shoes. I use these shoes for Israeli Folk Dancing & Zumba. They make these activities very enjoyable when moving in all directions & jumping since the shoes feel like they are lighter than before because of the reduced friction; I am therefore to dance for many hours without getting tired. They are very easy to place on the shoes.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great Product!! November 13, 2014
Reviewer: MARCIA HUNTER from ATLANTA, GA United States  
I'm a happy contra dancer, thanks to these wonderful suede soles!  I attached them to a new pair of leather walking shoes and so far they've danced about 40 miles (according to my FItBit) with no problems.  I'm going to order a couple more so I'll never be without. Highly recommend!!

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  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 I'm hooked for sure!! June 6, 2014
Reviewer: Patricia Welch from Clinton, MD United States  
Excellent product!  I keep a few pair of dance shoes with me at all times - a pair for each type of floor.  Ok, I'm a dance-aholic!  LO!!  These soles are excellent!!  I've given a couple of pair to other dance friends as gifts!!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 great December 25, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Bergenfield, NJ United States  
great price, fast delivery,

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Suede-Pro Stick on Suede Soles October 23, 2013
Reviewer: CAROLYN from SCHENECTADY, NY United States  
I used these on a pair of sneakers that were comfortable but gave too much resistance for line dancing.  I used them on a linoleum floor and they were not too slippery, which I was afraid of, and I was able to pivot,  shuffle and turn with ease.  The adhesive is very strong and i can't imagine them coming loose.

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