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LOFRI-04 Friction-reducing stick-on soles for sticky and high-friction dance floors indoors
Friction-reducing stick-on soles for dancing, stick-on soles, dance soles

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************ This item has been discontinued due to difficulties with fabrication.
Please do not order this item, we will have to cancel any orders for this item ****************

The friction-reducing LOFRI-04 kit is a set of high-tech stick-on soles that can be attached to the existing soles of most flat-soled dance shoes, to optimize the shoes' friction characteristics for dancing. LOFRI-04 soles allow dancers to pivot and slide with ease on difficult floors. Moreover, LOFRI-04 is configurable for use either on
(a) moderately sticky, high-friction dance floors indoors, or
(b) very sticky, very high-friction dance floors indoors and even for concrete and asphalt outdoors.

Components of the LOFRI-04 kit are backed by 3M industrial-strength, dual-sided adhesive and they are ready to be affixed to shoes. We recommend adding a few drops of the included Super Glue Gel along the periphery of the large disks, to increase adhesion to curving shoe soles.

How to configure LOFRI-04

As said, LOFRI-04 can be configured and re-configured for different dance floors. Configuration is accomplished by inserting one of the two provided types of small disks inside the permanently attached large plastic disks, according to the following guidelines:

Soft small disks
Use only indoors on moderately sticky or high-friction dance floors. In our experience, the soft small disks are suitable for 80% of all non-studio-quality wood dance floors. However, never use the soft small disks on concrete or asphalt because the suede material of the soft small disks will get shredded on those abrasive surfaces.
Hard small disksUse on concrete or asphalt outdoors, or on extremely sticky indoor dance floors. In our experience, only 20% of indoor dance floors are so sticky that they warrant the use of the hard small disk, typically in dance clubs after a few spilled drinks gunk up the floor. On most moderately sticky or high-friction indoor dance floors the hard small disks are too slippery. Use with caution.

The small disks come with industrial-strength adhesive backing. They can be attached without any tools by removing the protective foil of the adhesive backing and pressing them into place, by hand. Re-configuration is accomplished by prying the currently attached small disks out (a small screwdriver or nail file will do the trick) and attaching the other set of small disks instead. Re-configuration takes about one minute and can be done easily on location, if the conditions of the dance floor call for doing so.

A typical scenario calling for re-configuration is that of a dancer alternating between two different venues every week. Or, a dancer might attend indoor events on moderately sticky floors weekly, and an occasional outdoor street festival on concrete or asphalt. Yet another scenario is one that we, the developers of LOFRI-04 experience frequently: while dancing at a nightclub, the floor is moderately sticky in the beginning of the evening, but becomes increasingly more sticky as drinks are spilled and gunk up the floor. We simply reconfigure our LOFRI-04 soles as needed in the course of the evening.

Replacement small disks
While the adhesive backing of the small disks makes it possible to attach and remove them with ease, doing so repeatedly weakens the adhesive and, after removing the disks once or twice they don't adhere well enough any more. For that reason, we offer LOFRI-04 users who expect to reconfigure their LOFRI-04 soles repeatedly, pairs of small disks for purchase at very moderate prices of $1.00 and $1.50 for a pair of the hard and soft small disks, respectively. We recommend ordering a few of those small disks (at PRODUCTS > LOW-FRICTION ACCESSORIES in the panel on the left) when placing an order for LOFRI-04, instead of ordering these replacement disks separately and incurring additional shipping charges.

Comparison to our other low-friction products
The LOFRI-04 components will attach well to flat soles without profile, such as suede soles or hard leather soles. In order to attach LOFRI-04 to shoes with aggressive or knobby profiles, which don't offer a lot of surface area that the adhesive can touch and adhere to, we strongly recommend purchasing our available PERM Permanent Attachment Kit or purchasing our LOFRI-DIY (do-it-yourself) kit instead of the LOFRI-04 kit. The LOFRI-DIY kit requires some work by the end-user, notably gluing the soles to the user's shoes with Superglue Gel or contact cement, but these glues are so strong that they allow gluing LOFRI components even to shoes with aggressive profiles.

While the LOFRI-04 low-friction components will reduce friction on concrete and asphalt significantly, they are not as effective as the super-low-friction components of our SULOFRI product. For dancing exclusively outdoors, SULOFRI is the better choice. The advantage of LOFRI-04 is its versatility and configurability.

Quantity Discounts

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  • We also offer a sharply discounted version of this product in bulk packaging for 10 pairs. The bulk version, LOFRI-10pk, is aimed at resellers who are willing to put on finishing touches themselves.

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What's included:
There are 10 components in this kit:

  • 2x large low-friction plastic disks
  • 2x soft small disks (made of suede)
  • 2x hard small disks, made of the same low-friction plastic material as the large disks
  • 2x toe patches, made of the same low-friction plastic material as the large disks
  • 2x side patches, made of the same low-friction plastic material as the large disks. These can be attached next to the large disks, on shoes that are wider than the large disks, as shown in Fig. 1, or they can be used as replacements if the original toe patches wear out faster than the large disks. The side patches are slightly smaller than the toe patches

Also included in each kit are:

  • Super Glue Gel to increase adhesion to curving shoe soles, as well as for quick repairs
  • Two-page user guide with color illustrations

Links to explanatory pages about this product:

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This product is intended to reduce friction of dance shoes on certain floors, such as sticky dance floors in nightclubs or generally most non-wood floors. While most dancers will find this property desirable, the risk of slipping and falling on any floor increases when using this product. Dancers should especially avoid walking on wet or slippery floors when using this product.

  • Do not use LOFRI-04 configured for indoors (with the soft small disks) on concrete or asphalt, since these highly abrasive surfaces will shred or dislodge the soft small disk. Instead, use the hard small disks.
  • Do not use LOFRI-04 configured for outdoors (with the hard small disks) on indoor surfaces because the soles are too slippery, unless the indoor surfaces are extremely sticky.
  • While LOFRI-04 components can be pried off from shoes, there is a good chance that they will leave some adhesive residue on the shoe soles that cannot be removed. We advise using an old pair of shoes for trying out any of our Soles2dance products.
  • While LOFRI-04 can be configured and used on concrete and asphalt, users are advised that the low-friction material will wear down very quickly on these highly abrasive surfaces. Users should expect roughly 4-8 hours of dancing before the components are worn down. The actual rate of wear depends largely on the abrasiveness of the surface, the dance style, and the weight of the user.

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5 of 5 August 21, 2021
Reviewer: Nadia Rushdi from Etobicoke, ON Canada  
I cannot express how happy I am I found this site! So helpful!!! I bought glide soles for my wedding tango as it's on a patio and they are going to work like a charm.  All my questions were answered, lots if instructions and fast shipping!

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5 of 5 Fast delivery/ Happy feet April 27, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Honolulu, HI United States  
I’m very happy with your service and product once again.

I’m having more fun turning on our sticky Marley floor.

Thank you~

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5 of 5 So glad I tried it. February 14, 2018
Reviewer: Mathdance72 from Newton, NC United States  
The performance stage actual has a protective rubber type flooring that is not conducive to foot twists or turns.  The addition of this sole to my dance shoes actually made all the difference.( I was concerned about initial slickness, so I sanded the hard plastic parts briefly with coarse sand paper.)

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5 of 5 Cowboy Boots and Soles 2 Dance Unbeatable October 17, 2017
Reviewer: CARLOS LOPEZ from SAN ANTONIO, TX United States  
My Wife and I love to dance Tejano and Country Music.
The Club we have been going lately, has a very Rough
Dance Floor.  I ordered Soles to Dance, Awesome.  Easy to apply.  The Boots slides on the floor effortles. Thanks Soles 2 Dance.

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5 of 5 Always a wonderful product! October 30, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I love being able to use shoes that aren't strictly "dance shoes" for dancing!

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