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SULOFRI-Barebones - Outfit SIX Pairs of Shoes with SUper-LOw-FRIction stick-on soles for dancing on concrete, asphalt, and very sticky indoor dance floors
Friction-reducing stick-on soles for dancing, stick-on soles, dance soles

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This product is the bulk version of our popular SULOFRI stick-on dance soles. The SULOFRI-Barebones kit includes all the parts necessary to outfit six pairs of dance shoes with SULOFRI soles. The materials that the barebones kit is made of is exactly the same as that which all our SULOFRI products are made of, including the industrial-strength 3M adhesive backing.

Super-low-friction (SULOFRI) high-tech stick-on soles can be attached to the existing soles of most dance shoes, street shoes, and exercise shoes, to optimize the shoes' friction characteristics for dancing on high-friction outdoor ground surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt. Shoes outfitted with SULOFRI stick-on soles allow dancers to pivot with ease on such high-friction dance floors. SULOFRI is also suitable for dancing on many types of carpet.

SULOFRI soles are made of a space-age material that offers much less resistance to pivoting and linear sliding than our standard low-friction product LOFRI-DIY. Indeed, with regard to friction, SULOFRI makes pivoting on high-friction surfaces just as easy as suede soles make it on well-maintained wood floors. However, the super-low-friction SULOFRI material is soft and wears out very quickly on those abrasive surfaces. For example, active dancers can wear out their SULOFRI components in as little as 6 hours of dancing on rough concrete (actual wear rate depends strongly on surface, dance style, and the dancer's weight).

Dancing on concrete and asphalt, outdoors
SULOFRI is primarily intended for dancing on concrete or asphalt outdoors. SULOFRI should not be used on any smooth, hard indoor floors (e.g., tiles, wood) since it is extremely slippery. Use SULOFRI only on concrete or asphalt and on most carpets.

Dancing on carpet
SULOFRI can be used for dancing on carpet. However, since there are tens of different materials, from which carpets are made, we cannot guarantee the suitability of SULOFRI soles for your particular carpet. On most carpets SULOFRI works well, but on some it may be too slippery. When used exclusively on carpet, one pair of SULOFRI soles can last hundreds of hours.

Dancing on sticky indoor floors

For sticky indoor dance floors, we recommend our
LOFRI-DIY product.

Barebones Product without Super Glue Gel
While all parts of this SULOFRI-BAREBONES kit are made of the exact same materials as ou
r SULOFRI pre-cut and packaged soles (incl. the 3M adhesive backing), the SULOFRI-BAREBONE Skit does not include the additional tube of Super Glue Gel that is included with our SULOFRI pre-cut and packaged soles. After years of selling this successful product we have arrived at the conclusion that in 90% - 95% of all applications, the 3M adhesive backing of SULOFRI products will stick to shoe soles just fine. However, in the small percentage of cases in which SULOFRI soles start detaching or shifting, we advise customers to purchase Super Glue Gel separately (available on Amazon here and in many hardware stores) and apply a few droplets to the detached area. After that, press the detached area of the SULOFRI soles against the shoe sole for at least 10 minutes. Caution: Do not buy regular Super Glue. You need Super Glue Gel.

Cheaper than Barebones
Want it cheaper? For the rock-bottom lowest price, check our SULOFRI-SHEET-3M. It is an 12" x 12" sheet of the exact same material as that of our SULOFRI soles and it has the exact same adhesive backing. It is also the same size of sheet as the barebones kit, but the barebones kit has all parts pre-cut, whereas when you buy SULOFRI-SHEET-3M, you have to cut it yourself. In our opinion, typical consumers don't have the tools and experience to cut the sheet as efficiently as we do with our professional laser cutting equipment. For that reason, you may find our SULOFRI-BAREBONES kit to be advantageous.

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What's included:
  1. 12x large super-low-friction disks.
  2. 12x super-low friction toe patches.
  3. 12x super-low friction side patches (use these as replacements if your toe patches wear out, or attach them next to the disks, on shoes that are much wider than the disks).
  • Colors: All super-low friction components are white or light gray.
SULOFRI-BAREBONES parts may be delivered in a variety of forms:
1. As parts of a 12" x 12" sheet, to which the active parts are loosely attached by perforation.
2. As parts of multiple, smaller sheets
, to which the active parts are loosely attached by perforation.
3. As individual parts.
4. As a combination of the above.

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Dire Warning: This product is intended to substantially reduce friction of dance shoes on rough outdoor floors like concrete and asphalt. Walking or dancing on smooth and clean tile, wood, or other hard floors while wearing this product dramatically increases the risk of slipping and falling. Walking on wet or slippery floors when wearing this product can be almost as hazardous as walking on ice with regular shoes.

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