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SULOFRI-SD - 2-inch inner suede disks, one pair
SULOFRI-SD - 2-inch inner suede disks, one pair

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The SULOFRI-SD 2-inch suede disks are an optional accessory for SULOFRI super-low friction soles. With SULOFRI-SD disks installed instead of the default SULOFRI inner 2-inch disks, dancers can use SULOFRI soles for dancing on extremely sticky indoor dance floors.

1. cut out the regular SULOFRI inner disks. This is easy, even if SULOFRI is already attached to shoes soles, because the regular SULOFRI inner disks are perforated and kept attached to the large SULOFRI disks only via 8 thin connectors that are easy to cut with a utility of box-cutter knife.
2. Peel off the liner of the adhesive backing. This is also made easy by the shallow grove in the liner. Simply fold the disk slightly along the grove, then move the two halfs up and down unit a corner of the liner detaches from the adhesive. Without touching the adhesive, grab that edge and peel that half of the liner off.
3. Stick the exposed half of the adhesive onto the sole of your shoe, inside the inner circle that was previously occupied by the regular SULOFRI inner disk.
4. Peel off the remaining half of the liner and stick the SULOFRI-SD disk on entirely.

Included in this kit are two 2-inch diameter SULOFRI-SD suede disks backed by double-sided adhesive.

  • This product is useful only as an accessory for SULOFRI soles, made by and sold exclusively by Soles2dance.
  • While this product could also be used to cover the heels of high-heeled ladies' dance shoes, we don't recommend using the disks this way. The adhesive backing of SULOFRI-SD disks alone is not designed to withstand the high stress levels at the heel.
  • Do not use SULOFRI soles with the SULOFRI-SD disks installed on concrete or asphalt. These abrasive surfaces will shred or dislodge the SULOFRI-SD suede disks.
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