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SULOFRI-SHEET-GIY (Glue-it-yourself) Size 10" x 12" of super-low-friction material WITHOUT adhesive backing

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SULOFRI-SHEET-GIY-10x12 is a sheet of the exact same material we use for our SULOFRI super-low friction soles, but without ahdesive backing. All our SULOFRI products are intended for dancing outdoors on concrete and asphalt. The sheet is of Size 10 in x 12 in (254 mm x 305 mm) with a thickness of 0.03". SULOFRI-SHEET-GIY can be cut with household scissors or utility knives.

SULOFRI-SHEET-GIY (Glue-it-yourself) does not have adhesive backing. It is intended to be glued to a shoe sole with Super Glue Gel or Barge All Purpose Cement. You can find those glues on Amazon by entering their names into the Amazon search window. Some other glues that might also work but have not been tested by us are Shoe Goo or any other contact cement. In years of testing, we found that Barge All Purpose Cement produced the strongest bonds, but newbies may find contact cements (including Barge All Purpose Cement) somewhat difficult to work with.

Dancing with SULOFRI soles

SULOFRI soles allow dancers to pivot with ease on extremely high-friction dance floors such as concrete and asphalt. SULOFRI soles offer much less resistance to pivoting and linear sliding than our standard low-friction products. Out of more than 20 materials we tested, SULOFRI is the only material that works real well on concrete and asphalt. Indeed, on those difficult surfaces pivoting is just as easy as it is with suede soles on well-maintained wood floors. However, the super-low-friction material is soft and wears out very quickly on those abrasive surfaces. For example, active dancers can wear out their super-low-friction components in as little as 4-6 hours of dancing on rough concrete (the actual wear rate depends strongly on surface, dance style, and the dancer's weight).


One sheet of SULOFRI ultra-low friction material without adhesive backing.

  • Nominal dimensions*: 10 in x 12 in (254 mm x 305 mm)
    • Thickness: approx 0.03"
  • One page with instructions and tips.

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1. SULOFRI is intended solely for dancing outdoors, on concrete and asphalt. Never walk or dance with SULOFRI soles on any other surface, as it is extremely slippery. Even on concrete and asphalt, SULOFRI is so slippery that you should avoid walking as much as possible.

2. SULOFRI material has ideal friction properties for dancing on concrete and asphalt. Unfortunately, it is expensive and it wears down very quickly. This shouldn't be too surprising, though: concrete and asphalt are very abrasive surfaces, almost like sand paper. One might ask why rubber soles don't wear down as quickly. It's because they grip instead of slide. Dancers, however, like to pivot and slide, and if one was able to do so with rubber soles, then those would wear down just as quickly.


  • SULOFRI-GIY is usually not completely flat when shipped. Rather SULOFRI-GIY sheets are curly at the edges as shown in the product photo. This is not a problem, since the sheets are flexible and will conform to the shape of the shoe soles when glued on.

  • The bluish-gray side of the sheet is the side that will touch the dance floor, the brown side of the sheet is to be glued to the shoe sole.
  • We strongly recommend the use of clamps to press the SULOFRI sole against the shoe sole, immediately after .
  • It is neither necessary nor advisable to cover the whole shoe sole with SULOFRI material. It is best to cut out a piece of SULOFRI that covers the area under the ball of the foot.
  • NEVER put SULOFRI under the heel of your shoe, as this will dramatically increase you risk of falling when walking.

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* Actual Dimensions: Due to variations in the manual fabrication process of these sheets, the actual dimensions may differ by up to 1/4 inch (6 mm from the nominal dimensions)

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