Soles2dance, LLC, has a fabrication facility and an administrative office in Land O' Lakes, Florida

How to reach us:
Email (preferably):
Phone (may go into voicemail): [+1] (813) 575-7002
We are in the Eastern Time Zone (EST), same as Greenwich Mean Time - 5 (GMT-5)

How Soles2dance came about

Soles2dance were invented by a dance enthusiast who was fed up with sticky or otherwise style-cramping dance floors. Said enthusiast also happened to be a certified group fitness instructor and a university professor of Mechanical Engineering. Combining sound engineering principles with years of dance and group fitness teaching experience, he developed the Soles2dance concept in 2006. Then, after thousands of hours of testing on a wide variety of dance floors, Soles2dance were ready for sale to the public and can be bought at this web store.

Soles2dance product testers Johann and Laurie in action.