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In order to find the best-matching product for your needs, please consult the two tables below. In Table I you can find the right product for the floor that you want to dance on. Then, in Table II, verify that the product you want will work with the shoes you want to dance in.

Table I: Product Selector based on the floor you want to dance on

Floor Our best-matching product
Concrete, asphalt

Any SULOFRI product - (All our SULOFRI products will work fine in their default configuration)

Carpet LOFRI-04 (Use with included SDISK-HARD installed)

Any SULOFRI product
(Use with optional
SULOFRI-SD installed)

Poorly maintained wood floors, linoleum floors, Marley floors, Terrazzo floors, most other non-wood floors  LOFRI-04 or LOFRI-DIY
Very poorly maintained dance floors (e.g., those of some dance clubs or lounges where drinks are often spilled on the floor) LOFRI-04 or LOFRI-DIY

SULOFRI might work well if floor is very, very sticky, but you must use it with the optional SULOFRI-SD installed.

Well-maintained wood floors, as found in dance studios Any SUEDE product
(All our suede products will work fine on these floors)
Floors that are too slippery for suede-soled shoes SUEDE-PRO or SUEDE-LA-PRO
(Use with included rubber disks installed)


Table II: Product Selector based on the type of shoes you want to use

Type of shoe

suede soles
friction-reducing soles
Shoes with flat, smooth soles, for example, hard leather or suede-soled dance shoes Any SUEDE product
(all our suede products will work fine)


Shoes with mildly curving soles and moderate profile, that is, profiles that offer a lot of surface area for the Soles2dance adhesive to adhere to. An example is Profile A in Fig. 1.
Any SUEDE product
(all our suede products will work fine)
Shoes with aggressive or knobby  profile, such as all running shoes and most fitness shoes. An example is Profile B in Fig. 1.

Shoes with rubber or plastic soles.

Any SUEDE product
(All our suede soles with adhesive backing will likely work, but there is an estimated 1% chance of those soles detaching partially or fully).  
SULOFRI-SHEET + Superglue Gel or Barge cement
If you want to use any of our other LOFRI or SULOFRI products on these shoes, we strongly recommend purchasing the PERM Permanent conversion kit in addition to any of our other kits. The PERM kit provides a smooth surface to which all our kits will adhere securely.


1. Fewer than 1% of our customers report that one of our adhesive-backed soles detached from their shoes during use. These cases are rare and appear to happen with rubber or plastic-soled shoes. We suspect that the 3M industrial-strength double-sided adhesive used as backing for our products adheres less well to some exotic rubber and plastic soles (there are hundreds of different rubber or plastic soles in existence). If your rubber or plastic-soled shoes present one of those rare cases, please contact us at and report the problem. We will respond promptly and we will absolutely positively have a workaround or solution for you. Just contact us -- we can't resolve your problem if you don't tell us that you have one.

2. All our low-friction materials are subject to wear. On relatively smooth indoor surfaces, such as linoleum or wood and regardless of "stickiness," Items LOFRI-04, LOFRI-PRO, and LOFRI-DIY will last for 20-25 hours of dancing. Abrasive, rough floors like concrete or asphalt will dramatically reduce the lifespan of any one of our products to as little as 4-6 hours.