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In this category we offer various materials for making your own stick-on soles. Click on one of the sub-categories below.

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3M 300LSE Double-sided Adhesive Sheets
3M 300LSE is the strongest and most versatile double-sided adhesive (more correctly called: adhesive transfer tape) commercially available. It bonds strongly to almost everything. We buy large 24"x36" sheets of 300LSE double-sided adhesive in large quantities for our own production needs and for resale at this site as smaller sheets and in small quantities. 3M markets its famous 300LSE in various differently designed adhesive transfer tape products. The highest-end and most versatile version among those products is 3M's Product 9474LE, and this is what we buy in large quantities and sell in small quantities and small sizes.
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Low-friction materials
In this category you can find materials for making low-friction and super-low-friction dance soles more info
In this category we offer glues for reattaching partially detached Soles2dance soles a well as for gluing larger items, especially suede, LOFRI-DIY, and SULOFRI-SHEET material to all kinds of shoe soles. more info