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B-stock 2-for-1 Sale (IMPORTANT: Limitations apply. Make sure you read section Limitations, below):
*****************We are currently out of B-stock of suede sheets (SUEDE-DIY)**********************

We here at Soles2dance apply the most stringent quality control to our stick-on suede sole products. As a result, we have many suede soles and sheets that are fully functionally but can't be sold as high-quality Soles2dance products because of minor cosmetic defects. We call these rejected suede soles and sheets "B-stock." All of our B-stock suede products are brand new, they have neither been used nor have they been returned by other customers.

Once a year we sell our collection of B-stock under the framework of our B-stock 2-for-1 Sale. The sale works as follows:

  1. Select the suede product(s) and any other product(s) you want to buy and place them into the shopping cart.
  2. Immediately after you start the check-out process, you will see the Coupon Code box (right underneath the list of items in your shopping cart).
  3. Enter Coupon Code "B-stock" in the Coupon Code box. By entering this code you confirm that you have read the Limitations section, below.
  4. Complete the check-out process including your payment.

When we receive your order and see that you entered the B-stock coupon code, we will double the number of suede items you ordered, but instead of the high-quality suede products that we would usually ship, we will ship B-stock quality products, packaged in bulk. Specifically, if you ordered:
1 pair of SUEDE soles, we will ship 2 pairs of B-stock SUEDE soles.
A 3-pack (that is: 3 pairs) of SUEDE-LA, we will ship 6 pairs of B-stock SUEDE-LA.

Of course, the B-stock items that we ship will be of the same color as the product you ordered.

Other details
  • If you ordered more than one pair of soles, you will receive twice as many pairs of B-stock soles.
  • If you don't like your B-stock soles, you can (1) return them for a refund, or (2) exchange any two pairs of B-stock soles for one pair of high-quality soles.

  • The B-stock 2-for-1 sale is limited to these products and is subject to availability: suede sheets and suede soles. You can order other items in the same order, but we will apply the B-stock 2-for-1 conditions only to the suede items in your shopping cart. All other items in your shopping cart will be shipped as though you had not entered the B-stock coupon code.
  • We reserve the right to stop the B-stock sale of any item, of which we have exhausted our limited B-stock supply. If you specify the B-stock coupon code but we are out of B-stock items of that type, then we will ship the regular, high-quality item that your ordered, exactly as though you had not entered the B-stock coupon code at all.
  • All B-stock items will be shipped in bulk packaging, not in our somewhat fancier retail packaging.