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In this section we offer some useful tips that will help you make the most of your Soles2dance products. We assume that you already successfully affixed your Soles2dance to your shoes.

1. Caution: The low-friction parts of kits LOFRI-04 and LOFRI-06 are particularly slippery when brand new. Only after about one hour of dancing these parts are “broken in” and reach their desired friction properties. You can speed this process by shuffling your shoes over abrasive surfaces like concrete. Alternative, before dancing with brand new Soles2dance for the first time, you can roughen the shiny surface with fine sand paper, until the surface looks dull, not shiny.

2. Caution: Soles2dance are intentionally designed to reduce friction so you can dance at your best even on poorly maintained dance floors or other high-friction floors. When walking on wet floors, tile floors, and many other low-friction floors, the reduced friction of Soles2dance will increase your risk of slipping and falling. Be very careful when walking on any floor other than the intended dance floor!

3. After dancing on unclean floors, especially on sticky dance floors in nightclubs and such, your Soles2dance will be covered by a layer of gunk. Let it dry, then use a wire brush (preferably) or a box-cutter knife to scrape the dried gunk off, especially from the small high-friction suede disk.

4.  If you detach Soles2dance from your shoes, you will likely not be able to stick them back on again. The double-sided adhesive—while having great adhesive strength after being attached to the soles for the first time—loses that strength after detachment. Depending on the properties of the original sole, you may be able to reattach Soles2dance maybe once, but even that is not certain. If you know you want to detach and reattach Soles2dance repeatedly, consider buying our Reattachment Kit.

5. If you are dancing on a floor that is still too sticky, even when using Soles2dance, you can try a daring maneuver: remove the small high-friction disk from the center of the low-friction disk. BEWARE: doing so will increase your risk of slipping and falling. I'll share a personal secret: in my six years of using Soles2dance in their various pre-production versions, I slipped and fell only once. That was after I had removed the small high-friction disk. Not only did it hurt, but there was no way I could explain the reason to the giggling bystanders.

6. If components partially detach during use, you can glue them back on with Super Glue gel (for a quick fix) or, more solidly, using contact cement such as BARGE CEMENT. Beware: BARGE CEMENT is permanent, you won't be able to get it off.